International Virtual Mölkky Championship

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Mölkk Your World at home
King William Walk
London, Verenigd Koninkrijk

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people 1 (+3) speler / ploeg
Deadline: 19 maart 2022

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The main objective is to get the maximum points by making 15 throws of the Tikku (Mölkky)

2 times perform 5 Mölkky throws to get 50 points + 5 Mölkkout throws.

Main Categories:

A.- Teams playing as a family. Up to fourth degree of consanguinity and affinity.

B.- Non-family teams

C.- Women's individual. Of all the participating women.

D.- Men's individual. Of all the participating men.

Supplementary Categories:

(extracted from participations in categories A, B or C and D)

E.- Mixed teams (gender).

F.- Mölkkout (individual)

G.- By clubs. With the 3 best individual scores of each club with participants of different genders.

H.- By countries. With the 4 best individual scores from each country with participants of different genders.


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