Mölkky Associations

From France to Turkey, from USA to Japan, all over the globe you can find Mölkky associations who are actively promoting the fantastic game that is Mölkky. Our database contains more than 400 organizations that organize Mölkky tournaments. What follows is a selection of some of the finest, most generous Mölkky associations we could find.

International Mölkky Organisation

International Mölkky Organisation (I.M.O.) is an organisation that promotes a streamlined Mölkky experience across countries, federations, players, and official tournaments.

🇦🇺 Australia

🇦🇹 Austria

🇧🇾 Belarus

🇧🇪 Belgium

🇨🇦 Canada

🇹🇩 Chad

🇨🇿 Czech Republic

🇪🇪 Estonia

Eesti Mölkky Klubide Liit

National Federation

🇫🇮 Finland

🇫🇷 France

Fédération Francaise de Mölkky - FFMö

National Federation

🇩🇪 Germany

🇬🇷 Greece

🇭🇰 Hong Kong SAR China

🇭🇺 Hungary

🇮🇪 Ireland

🇮🇹 Italy

🇯🇵 Japan

🇳🇵 Nepal

Mölkky Association Nepal

National Federation

🇵🇱 Poland

🇵🇹 Portugal

🇸🇰 Slovakia

Slovensky Molkky - Slovakia

National Federation

🇪🇸 Spain

🇸🇪 Sweden

🇹🇷 Turkey

Mölkky İstanbul

National Federation

🇬🇧 United Kingdom

🇺🇸 United States