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The Mölkky World app is an application that makes keeping score on the game Mölkky as easy as pie.

The Mölkky World app is not a game in itself. It is an application for keeping score on the game Mölkky, the Finnish pin throwing game (also known as Klop, Wooden Scatter, Wooden Skittles and Finska). The Mölkky World app let's you create your game, add players, play as an individual or in team, keep track of your game's progress and statistics, and more...

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settings screenshot Customize Settings - adapt game rules to your liking and choose a language
start game screenshot Choose Players - participate as a player from the database or as an anonymous participant
score dial screenshot Score Dial - easy to use dial pad for keeping track of the game
scoreboard screenshot Game Scoreboard - consult current game status at any time during the game
player profile screenshot Player Profile - customize your profile and follow up on your profile statistics

Play in Teams

Play as an individual from the database, or play in team. You can even play as an anonymous guest.


Customize Game Rules

Adapt the game rules (winning score, penalties, ...) to match your preferences.


Advanced Statistics

Follow up on advanced player/team statistics over the course of all games played.


Idiot Proof

Undo throws in case you accidentally registered an incorrect score.


Ergonomic design

Easy to use dial pad for registering points scored on each throw — tutorial included.


Language Support

Set the app to your preferred language (English or French)

Selected Reviews

star star star star star

This application is great and very well done. Once taken in hand, we can not do without it. In addition Frederic Aerts answers very quickly to the questions put to him. Really nice. I highly recommend it.

— Renaud Maume, France
star star star star star

We had tried similar apps and all, though some very good, lacked one feature or another that we were looking for. We found in Mölkky World all that we wanted. The app is also super user-friendly.

— Marie Hebert, Canada
star star star star star

This app is a winner, right what we've been looking for. A clear interface (children love to enter the scores!) and fancy statistics make Mölkky even more fun!

— Thomas Nys, Belgium
star star star star star

Very well done from an ergonomic point of view, tap 5 once for the pin 5, tap 5 twice if the cumulative of the fallen pins makes 5.

— David Macheret, France

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